Tarmac drives


Tarmac is a dark, bituminous material that is laid while hot and pliable. In its soft state, tarmac is levelled and compacted to take on the shape and gradient of the driveway. Left to cool and harden, the particles bind together to create a durable surface that looks great when complete. Tarmac Driveways are generally Black, but advancements in technology mean we are able to lay Red Tarmac Driveways too!

Tarmac Driveways are an excellent choice if you are considering replacing your current driveway and rejuvenating the external area of your home. Central Paving are versatile in the way we work too, and have the ability to boost the edging of your driveway with clay tiles, stone or brick. The resulting look is neat and sophisticated, regardless of whether you choose a Red Tarmac Driveway or a Black Tarmac Driveway

Benefits of tarmac


  • Extremely resilient to the heavy load of cars and other vehicles
  • Doesn't become dented or worn over time
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Extemely affordable
  • You can drive on tarmac almost immediately
  • Oil leaks are not as noticeable
  • Can last up to 2 years

Tarmac sealing

Asphalt by nature cracks, and unlike concrete, controlled joints cannot be added to asphalt to help control where it does crack! When cracks develop, they should be sealed with a hot pour rubberized sealer. Sealing the cracks will help to prevent further damage and pavement failures like alligatoring and potholes. Ultimately cracks should be sealed every fall when the asphalt is cool and they are open at their widest.

Sealing helps protect the tarmac for longer.


Weather resistance and durable

These are two of the biggest advantages that Tarmac Driveways bring to the table. Whatever the weather, tarmac wears well, and after years of ongoing development, can withstand harsh hails, snow, rain, sleet and of course blistering sunshine.

Tarmac also stands up to the weight of heavy vehicles and high traffic, which bodes well if you have a mini car park forming our the front of your home.

If tarmac sounds appealing to you, and you are considering it as the new materials for your driveway at home, we have the skills and expertise to lay it for you.

A professional job, completed by experienced professionals, delivers a Tarmac Driveway you can enjoy for many years to come.

Life expectancy of tarmac

A properly installed asphalt driveway with regularly scheduled maintenance can last up to 20 or even 30 years! That variation in age can be determined by the stability of the sub-grade, the quality of the installation, the type and frequency of maintenance, the drainage plan and the climate of the region you’re located in.