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Block paving

We install block paving driveways.
All our driveways are installed by professional persons using the very best practices and materials, we also use eco-friendly materials in our works and recycle as much as possible to help the environment.

Block paving is widely popular and comes in many different colours and designs; special features can also be installed.
We are very flexible we can install steps and ramps for easier and safer access, we can leave areas free for planting or landscaped areas depending on your ideas and add stone/ chippings around your driveway.

Block Paving Details

Block Paving requires very little maintenance.

Over time, it will collect debris, dust, dirt, weed growth and perhaps moss.

We offer a cleaning service which deals with this and brings your driveway, path or patio back to normal.

Firstly,  we remove any weeds growing in between your block paving or paving slabs.

We can use a weed treatment which will prevent weeds growing for longer.

Next, we use a power washer to remove debris, dirt and moss.

We also offer a sealing treatment which, after washing the driveway will help protect it for longer,

keeping the weeds etc. away for longer.

Individually damaged blocks can simply be replaced as is necessary.

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Block paving options comes in:

Variety of shapes (Mono Blocks, Regular Pavers)

Variety of sizes (Square, Letterbox).

Variety of colours.

Variety of Textures.

Variety of Layouts.

Block paving can offer many advantages to those who choose them for their homes, the most obvious and visible of which is how attractive they can be. They can, if designed and installed by a professional and accredited company, reflect the taste and style of your home and interiors, and can even have a rustic charm if left unswept for a day or two in the autumn. There are myriad options in terms of colour and design to suit your taste.

Block paving is also fantastically durable when set by a reliable and experienced contractor, and can stand up to more abuse than tarmac. Should damage occur, or should underground access to pipes be necessary, blocks can be carefully removed, stored and replaced with no damage or visible detriment to your driveway whatsoever.

Block paving is also an inexpensive way to invest in your home.  It looks great and increases the value of your home.